A Slice of American History


This page will cover the outline and progress of the book Prairie Queens currently being written.

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Book Cover


Chapter 1  History

Chapter 2  Native American and African American History
            1999 Dedication of Trail of Death Marker

Chapter 3  Maryland Catholics

Chapter 4  Virginia Colonists

Chapter 6  Nancy Meredith Branch

Chapter 7  Elizabeth Lewellen Worland Jarboe

Chapter 8  Mary Margaret Avery White Gander

Chapter 9  Maria Louise Saunders Bell

Chapter 10  Ida Frances Phelps Branch

Chapter 11  Gertrude Lee Bell Jarboe

Gertrude Lee Bell ancestor tree

Chapter 12  Iona Hope Branch Gander

Iona Hope Branch ancestor tree

Chapter 13  Alice Josephine Jarboe

Chapter 14  Conclusion


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