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Pictures here are snapshots of recent family events.  Send yours for inclusion!
The pictures below are from the dedication June 20, 1999 of the monument to the Trail of Death campsite at North Fork, Monroe County, MO.   Joan Goodwin took the photos.
unveil.jpg (67465 bytes) June 20, 1999 Cliff and Jo Gander unveiling the monument.  The monument is located at the farm formerly owned by Josephine Jarboe Gander's grandparents Joseph and Lewellen Worland Jarboe.
marker.jpg (74335 bytes)

marker1.jpg (67913 bytes)

June 20, 1999 Inscription on the marker from the diary of the march:
"On October 13, 1838 about 800 Potawatomi Indians camped at Clinton, MO (North Fork) on the forced removal from Indiana to Oklahoma.  They had traveled 17 miles from See's Creek.  Chief Ash-Kum asked that Gen. A. Morgan not leave the emigration because of promises he had made the Indians, also requested that they travel less and remain in camp longer.  Chief I-O-Weh said Ash-Kum was not a Chief and that he wanted Judge Polk to be conductor.  Polke said he had been conductor all along. Morgan departed for home."

Erected 1999 by Clifford and Josephine (Jarboe) Gander.   Josephine's great-grandfather Barnaby Worland and wife Catherine Deering from KY lived at Clinton in 1839.  Her grandmother Lewellen and grandfather Joseph M. Jarboe from KY lived there and her father James A. (Del) Jarboe was born there.  Josephine was born 3 miles southwest of Clinton."

Cliff_Jomker.jpg (83918 bytes) June 20, 1999 There is a photo of Josephine's grandparents Joseph and Lewellen Jarboe at the house that was near this marker.  The house burned down in 1971.
monumt1.jpg (83953 bytes) June 20, 1999  
monumt2.jpg (88211 bytes) June 20, 1999  
blessing.jpg (79083 bytes) June 20, 1999 Sr. Virginia Pearl preparing the traditional blessing.  Sr. Virginia is a descendent of the Potawatomi Indians.
dedi9.jpg (80492 bytes) June 20, 1999  
dedi1.jpg (70474 bytes) June 20, 1999 Boy Scouts
dedi7.jpg (70570 bytes) June 20, 1999  
dedi8.jpg (51462 bytes) June 20, 1999  
jospeech.jpg (68862 bytes)

jo_sp2.jpg (54549 bytes)

June 20, 1999 Text of the dedication speech.

"I'm Josephine Jarboe Gander.   I want to thank everyone for coming.  A special thanks to my husband, Cliff for all the help he was and to my grandsons, Aaron and Martin for digging the post holes.   Also thanks to my granddaughter, Joan and my great granddaughter, Angie for printing these brochures and to David Wilson for setting the monument.  I paid for the monument, because my great grandfather Worland bought this farm behind me in 1839, the year after the Indians came by here. Later my grandfather Jarboe married Worland's daughter, Lewellen, and bought the farm and my father, Del Jarboe was born here and I was born south west of here.

I also wanted to erect the monument so that in a small way, I could make amends for the cruel and unjust treatment that the American Indians endured from the white people who came to this country. It is beyond me to understand how they could have justified their actions.

Thank You."

This was added on the back. In the 1876 atlas of Somerset Grandpa Jarboe owned 320 acres + 120 acres for a total of 440 acres. Clinton was laid out in 1836 on 25th of August by George Glenn, Samuel Bryant, and Sportswood Williams. Jonesburg was laid out September 29th 1836 by Greenlee Hays and Gabriel Jones.

sr_jo.jpg (59051 bytes) June 20, 1999 Sr. Virginia Pearl and Josephine Gander
sp3.jpg (70476 bytes) June 20, 1999 Some of the descendents of the Potawatomi Indians
shirley.jpg (92624 bytes) June 20, 1999 Shirley Willard
TOD_marker_1.jpg (53584 bytes) December 23, 2001 Trail of Death marker in Palmyra.  The marker was dedicated on October 6, 2001.  The Trail of Death was the forced relocation of the Potawatomi Indians in 1838.  Markers have been erected at locations where the group camped during their trek.
TOD_marker_2.jpg (66837 bytes) December 23, 2001 Josephine and Cliff Gander standing behind the marker they helped fund and erect.
TOD_marker_3.jpg (86703 bytes) December 23, 2001 Don Gander, Alice Gander, Josephine and Cliff Gander, Hope Gander Goodwin and Paul Gander.

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