James Adelbert Jarboe
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James Adelbert Jarboe
8/5/1869 - 10/17/1945

Gertrude Lee Bell Jarboe
4/23/1874 - 3/19/1952

Married March 1, 1897

See the family photo album for pictures of them and their daughters.

New paper account of their wedding:

Married, by Father Sullivan at the Catholic church in Lakenan Monday, March 1st, Miss Gertie Bell to Mr. Dell Jarboe.  Attendants Mr. Harry Buckman, Miss Maude Saunders, Mr. Albert Vaughin and Miss Loretta Reid.  Flower girls, Misses Lucile Bowling and Leta Saunders.

See a photo of Maude Saunders and Gertrude Bell.  Maude would later marry the best man listed here Harry Buckman.  Leta was Maude's little sister and she would later marry Harry's brother Joe Buckman.




Note to genealogists:  The consensus of the Jarboe daughters is that Gertrude was born in 1874 but her tombstone reads 1875.  Josephine Jarboe says that somehow at some point the date got changed and Gertrude was afraid that there would be something wrong with insurance or whatever if it was corrected. 

They had nine daughters:

  1. Bernadette Cecelia Jarboe Kelly  12/14/1897 - 9/13/1984
  2. Lucille Bell Jarboe:  8/28/1899 - 1/27/1900 (pneumonia as a child)
  3. Frances  Genevieve Jarboe Buckman:  2/20/1902 - 6/23/1902
  4. Anna Louise Jarboe Jones:  3/13/1904 - Present
  5. Mary Rosalie Jarboe Carlson: 3/31/1906 - 11/2/1963
  6. Della Gertrude Jarboe Ream: 2/21/1908 - 10/18/1974
  7. Lillian Magdaline Jarboe Hagan:  9/20/1911 - 12/5/1983
  8. Mildred  Kathleen Jarboe Montgomery: 2/2/1914 - Present
  9. Alice Josephine Jarboe Gander :  11/30/1916 - Present

To see more about the family of James Adelbert Jarboe and Gertrude Lee Bell, visit their family page at AliceBell.com 

Photo of the Jarboe girls circa 1923

Photo of the Jarboe girls with parents circa 1943

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