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Prairie Queens tracks the overall volume of visitors to the website but does not track the activities of any individual.  Your visit to this website is completely anonymous unless you choose to leave an entry in the Guestbook.

The majority of the information posted on this site is public domain information.  

The list below shows some of the main types of public information:

This publicly available information is provided to help genealogists accurately identify people, places and dates.  The goal is to be as factual as possible.  In order to protect living individuals, no birth certificates or marriage licenses are published for living individuals.  Also, news articles less than 40 years old are generally not published.

There are also documents and photos from the private collections of individuals:

This private information is shared here to further complete the picture of the individuals covered by this website.  In order to protect the privacy of living individuals, no documents less than 40 years old will be published here.

However, if anyone feels that their private information has been used inappropriately by a stranger visiting this site, please let me know right away at

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