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Family genealogists are encouraged to supplement their research by comparing notes with the genealogy information provided here.  Many obituaries and wedding articles are reprinted here.  The source has been documented, often to the exact roll of microfilm where the source article can be found.  You are welcome to take this public domain information.  The same is true for any other government documents that are included here such as marriage licenses, deeds, homestead papers and death certificates.  However, death certificates are not to be represented as "original" or "certified".  If you have some reason to have a "certified" copy of a death certificate, you need to address the county government for the death in question.

Much of this information has been validated by the website owner as to spelling and dates.  Still, any genealogist knows that it's a puzzle to fit together where names and dates are inconsistent and it is hard to know "for sure" sometimes.

No wholesale copies of photos, text or genealogy family trees may be published by any unrelated genealogist, commercial genealogy website, author or any other user without permission.  Permission can be obtained by contacting

Every effort has been made to include information on that was available either directly from family members or through "fair use" of public domain information.  If anyone feels that their information has been used in violation of copyright law, please contact

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