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Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas

Calvary_cemetery.jpg (39436 bytes) May 2000 Shrine near the Beechwood family plot, just a little bit uphill from the plot
Beechwood_family_plot.jpg (76115 bytes) May 2000 The Beechwood family plot, near the intersection of sections E and F in the cemetery.  
Wm_Nickolas_Beechwood_stone.jpg (64223 bytes) May 2000 William Nickolas Beechwood
Mary_Alice_Beechwood_stone.jpg (77264 bytes) May 2000 Mary Alice Bell Beechwood
Mary_Beechwood_Coverdale.jpg (79272 bytes) May 2000 Mary Catherine Beechwood Coverdale
John_Jacob_Beechwood_stone.jpg (71323 bytes) May 2000 John Jacob Beechwood
Alice_Magdalen_Beechwood.jpg (66769 bytes) May 2000 Alice Magdalen Beechwood

John Jacob Beechwood's widow Helen Keras Beechwood died October 29,2000.  The family gathered at the Calvary Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas in May 2001 to bury her ashes with her husband, who died in 1982.  These photos were sent by Niki Beechwood Curry.

Beechwood_family.jpg (72978 bytes) 12 May 2001 The Beechwood clan! Taken at KC Masterpiece in Overland Park, KS on May 12, 2001. This was the first time that Dick had seen his first cousins (John, Lois, Alice, Barbara) in from 20-40 years (depending), so it was quite a reunion. (L to R): Alex Dingman, Barbara Beechwood, Alice Beechwood Dingman, Nicholas Beechwood, Ellen Beechwood, Dick Beechwood, John Sommers, Mary Sommers, John Beechwood Jr., Lois Beechwood Sommers, Niki Beechwood Curry.
John_Dick_watch.jpg (99533 bytes) 12 May 2001 This is John J. Beechwood Jr. and his first cousin, Dick Beechwood. Dick is explaining to John about the watch he's holding. This watch was handed down from William to his son Emory, to his son Dick Beechwood.
Watch.jpg (86875 bytes) 12 May 2001 This is the watch that originally belonged to William Nickolas Beechwood. That's an elk's tooth at the end of the chain. He must have been a member of the BPOE, as that is stamped into the gold surrounding the base of the tooth. The scrap of paper you see is a close-up photo of William's youngest child, Alice Magdalen, who died at the age of 3 in 1912. The photo is thought to have been there since it was taken, in about 1911.
051201_Ellen_and_Dick_Beechwood.jpg (63387 bytes) 12 May 2001 Richard (Dick) and Ellen Dreiling Beechwood. Dick is the son of Dr. Emory Edward Beechwood of Oklahoma City, OK. Dick and Ellen currently live in Leawood, KS. The photo was taken outside the KC Masterpiece BBQ restaurant on May 12, 2001.
Alice_Barbara_Niki.jpg (118386 bytes) 13 May 2001 Alice Beechwood Dingman, Barbara Beechwood, Niki Beechwood Curry shown here observing the men digging the hole in which Helen Beechwood's ashes would be buried. She shares the same plot as her husband, John Jacob Beechwood, Sr. -- we placed her urn over his heart. Taken at Calvary Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS on 13 May 2001.
Everyone_at_site.jpg (131828 bytes) 13 May 2001 Being true to the indomitable Beechwood spirit, we weren't about to let the solemnity of the occasion of burying Helen "get us down" any sooner than it had to. There was actually a great amount of joking and laughter, as we each recalled various "Mom/Helen/Grandmom" incidents throughout our lives. The church was good enough to allow us to actually dig the hole for the urn ourselves, so we each got our turn (if we wanted it--and everyone did) with the shovel. Taken at Calvary Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS.
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