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Nunley Cemetery, Mendota Road, Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia

This cemetery is on the land that was owned by Charles (Pet) and Harriet Branch Nunley.  It is still owned by one of their descendants, Lonnie D. Nunley, Jr.

The first three pictures here were sent by Lonnie Nunley, Jr. May 31, 2001
2001_Nunley_01.jpg (83648 bytes) 2000 Lonnie Nunley working on cleaning up the cemetery, which had become overgrown in wild Lilly and other weeds.  He writes that it was a big job that "took about three weeks (spare time when it wasn't raining or snowing) to get rid of the wild Lilly"  Had four pick-up truck loads of Lilly to remove.  Lonnie tore down the old fence and built a new one.
2001_Nunley_02.jpg (77614 bytes) 2000 View of the new fence
2001_Nunley_03.jpg (79540 bytes) 2000 Photograph of Lonnie's grandmother Harriet "Hattie" Branch Nunley's stone.
The first rest of the photographs were taken by Alice Gander on two separate visits.
Harriet_Branch_Nunley_stone.jpg (81623 bytes) August 2000 Harriet Frances (Hattie) Branch Nunley tombstone (February 25, 1952 - May 11, 1919).  After Hattie died, her husband Charles (Pet) married Lacy Pendleton and they moved to Marion County, Missouri.  They are buried in the Andrew Chapel Cemetery.

This photograph shows a bit of the wild Lilly in the cemetery before Lonnie cleaned it up.

Nunley_Cemetery_1.jpg (90158 bytes) March 19, 2001 View of the Nunley Cemetery looking south.  North Fork of the Holston River is in the background.  This photograph was taken after Lonnie cleaned up the cemetery and it looked great!
Nunley_Cemetery_2.jpg (84205 bytes) March 19, 2001 View of the Nunley Cemetery looking north.  The Nunley home can be seen through the trees on the right.  Hattie Branch Nunley's tombstone is in the far corner.
Nunley_Cemetery_3.jpg (87614 bytes) March 19, 2001 View of Hattie Branch Nunley's tombstone on the left and the Nunley home through the trees.
Nunley_Cemetery_4.jpg (77807 bytes) March 19, 2001 View of Hattie Nunley's tombstone facing east.
Nunley_Cemetery_5.jpg (65949 bytes) March 19, 2001 View of Hattie Nunley's tombstone facing south.  (This is the same side as shown in the first photo at the top of the page.)  With the morning sun coming in it was not good lighting to get photos of these two sides where the writing is.  The writing on the stone is still legible but did not photograph in these lighting conditions.

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