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Phelps Cemetery on Hidden Valley Road, Washington County, Virginia

Phelps_Monument.jpg (57941 bytes) August 29, 2000 Monument at the center of the Phelps cemetery.
Phelps_monument.jpg (61389 bytes) March 19, 2001 Monument at the center of the Phelps cemetery.  Erected in 1935 as specified in the will of Newton K. Phelps.
Myra_P_Phelps_stone.jpg (102126 bytes) August 29, 2000 Myra P. Phelps (March 31, 1860 - June 6, 1946).  Myra was a sister of Ida Frances Phelps and a daughter of John Phelps.  She married a Phelps, probably William, her first cousin.
William_Phelps_stone.jpg (112630 bytes) August 29, 2000 William Phelps born April 7, 1855. Son of Martin Phelps.  This man may have been the spouse of Myra P. Phelps.
Newton_K_Phelps_stone.jpg (83179 bytes) August 29, 2000 Newton K. Phelps (March 20, 1857 - July 16, 1932), son of Martin Phelps  A woman living near this cemetery said that Newt Phelps body had been moved down here from the Phelps cemetery on the hill at the time the monument was erected, implying that he had somehow paid for it.  She said they didn't think the monument could be taken up the narrow, winding unpaved road to the cemetery on the hill.  It's just as well because the cemetery on the hill is forgotten to all but the racoons.
Malinda_Phelps_1821.jpg (94261 bytes) August 29, 2000 Malinda Phelps (December 28,1821 - October 17, 1904), wife of Martin Phelps.
Malinda_Phelps_1850.jpg (81989 bytes) August 29, 2000 Malinda Phelps born January 25, 1850, daughter of Martin and Malinda Phelps.
Virginia_Phelps.jpg (90805 bytes) August 29, 2000 Virginia Phelps (March 11, 1852 - 1930), daughter of Martin and Malinda Phelps.

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