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St. Peters Catholic Cemetery located off the road near Lakenan, Missouri.

St_Peters.jpg (79464 bytes) May 28, 2000 General view of cemetery.  Although well mowed, the stones have been vandalized and the cemetery is in need of restoration.
Map_Lakenan.jpg (57179 bytes) 1986 Map of the Lakenan area showing this cemetery.  Taken from the Saunders Reunion book.
Mary_Pulliam_Bell_tombstone.jpg (49168 bytes) August 8, 1971 Mary Pulliam Bell.  Photo taken by Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.
Mary_Pulliam_Bell.jpg (92046 bytes) May 28, 2000 Mary Pulliam Bell.  Photo taken 29 years after the one above, by Alice Gander.  Note how stone was broken by vandals and how the stone has aged.
Robert_Bell_tombstone.jpg (60363 bytes) July 1971 Robert Bell.  Photo taken by Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.
Robert_Bell.jpg (86128 bytes) May 28, 2000 Robert Bell.  This photo was taken by Alice Gander 29 years after the one above.  The stone has been broken by vandals and aged.
MO_StPeters_John_T_Jarboe.jpg (63853 bytes) 1988 John Thomas Jarboe, III (2/28/1826 - 3/25/1901)  Photo taken by Josephine Jarboe Gander
John_T_Jarboe.jpg (48047 bytes) May 28, 2000 John Thomas Jarboe, III (2/28/1826 - 3/25/1901)  

Married Cecilia Agnes Worland ( 5/6/1830 - 3/5/1855) on 10/11/1852.  They had one baby Adolphus Lee Jarboe - 1/31/1855 - 7/21/1855.  Both Cecilia and Adolphus are buried in the nearby Worland/ Jarboe/ Hamilton Cemetery.

Married Susanna Gertrude Bell on 1/29/1856 (click on her name to go to the Bell page and see their children's names).

Leta_Lorna_Saunders.jpg (62233 bytes) May 28, 2000 Infant twin daughters of William Henry and Georgia Ann Saunders.  Leta A. (10/3/1874 - 10/17/1874) Lora A. (10/3/1874 - 10/24/1874).
Mary_Alice_Eddings.jpg (71191 bytes) May 28, 2000 Mary Alice Eddings Bell (10/15/1843 - 6/27/1864), wife of John Thomas Bell.  It is believed that their infant son Robert, who was born and died on the day his mother died, is buried with her.
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