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James Adelbert Jarboe Homestead Photos

1957_08_06_ND_trip01.jpg (111347 bytes) August 6, 1957 Old homestead house now used as a cow shed on Emil Fishers place.  Della and Rosalie Jarboe were born here.  Rosalie Jarboe Carlson looking in, Emil Fisher, Bernadette Jarboe Kelly
1957_08_06_ND_trip06.jpg (124929 bytes) August 6, 1957 Rosalie Jarboe Carlson, Emil Fisher, Bernadette Jarboe Kelly standing in front of the old Jarboe home, now used against the barn as a half shed.
1957_08_06_ND_trip02.jpg (89234 bytes) August 6, 1957 Morton County, North Dakota.  Looking over the hill from "Benders" onto Land once owned by J. A. Jarboe.  Arrow points to place where James A Jarboe fell during a blizzard.
1957_08_06_ND_trip03.jpg (82483 bytes) August 6, 1957 Land owned by J A Jarboe.  Dot is where home stood, arrow in field points to the same lane used to house.  Arrow points to Rattle Snake Hill.  Looking across hill from "Benders"
1957_08_06_ND_trip04.jpg (85228 bytes) August 6, 1957 Bender School, Morton County, ND.  Bernadette Jarboe Kelly standing by her old school.  Her teacher was Miss Blanche Marquart, who also homesteaded in Morton County, ND
1957_08_06_ND_trip05.jpg (99672 bytes) August 6, 1957 Rosalie Jarboe Carlson, Bernadette Jarboe Kelly, Emil Fisher standing on the spot where the home stood.  Now beautiful fields of grain.  Looking toward Rattle Snake Hill
1957_08_06_ND_trip07.jpg (72474 bytes) August 6, 1957 St. Anthony Church on the spot where Rosalie and Della Jarboe were baptized.  This is a newer church.  Rosalie Jarboe Carlson is standing on sidewalk.
1957_08_06_ND_trip08.jpg (112599 bytes) August 6, 1957 Train Depot in Mandan, North Dakota.  Rosalie Jarboe Carlson and Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.
1957_08_06_ND_trip09.jpg (56395 bytes) August 5, 1957 Fargo, North Dakota.  Rosalie Jarboe Carlson.  On what would have been the 88th birthday of James A Jarboe.  Fifty-six years before, James A Jarboe had come through here to settle in Hope, Steele County, North Dakota.  They lived there from 1901 to 1904 when they moved to Morton County to homestead.
1957_08_06_ND_trip10.jpg (42059 bytes) August 6, 1957 Standing on the spot where the Jarboe Homestead was.  Larry and Rosalie Carlson and Emil Fisher
1957_08_06_ND_trip11.jpg (31572 bytes) August 6, 1957 St. Anthony Church
1957_08_06_ND_trip12.jpg (34038 bytes) August 6, 1957 St. Anthony, ND.  Graveyard and view out into the Valley and across to the range of hills where the Jarboe home stood on the left.
1957_08_06_ND_trip13.jpg (45266 bytes) August 6, 1957 Rattle Snake Hill and the Gap into the Valley.  Note says that James A Jarboe's father Joseph M. Jarboe killed snakes "by the hundreds" the summer he came to visit.
1957_08_06_ND_trip14.jpg (39413 bytes) August 6, 1957 Scene of the North Dakota Homestead land.
1957_08_06_ND_trip15.jpg (41694 bytes) August 6, 1957 Standing on the spot where the Jarboe home stood, looking across a field of Rye, owned by Emil Fisher.  Looking out toward Rattle Snake Hill and the Gap through which the family went into the Valley.
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