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John Thomas Bell Homestead and Deed Papers

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Osage_Mission_plat.gif (109152 bytes) 1905 era plat map of the St. Paul area.  Source:  Neosho County Courthouse, Erie, KS
JT_Bell_Homestead_1.jpg (39215 bytes) Official homestead papers from the National Archives Records Administration for John Thomas Bell.  He acquired his land under the rights defined by "Osage Land, under Joint Resolution of Congress Approved April 10, 1869, 1st Art. Treaty September 29, 1865".  
JT_Bell_Homestead_2.jpg (86039 bytes) Testimony of William C. Smith supporting the claim of John Thomas Bell.  It is possible that this William Smith was JT Bell's brother-in-law as his sister Mollie married a William Smith and they lived in the St. Paul area.  The details give the description of the original house on the land and the improvements he had made.
JT_Bell_Homestead_3.jpg (117203 bytes) Rest of testimony of William C. Smith and the beginning of testimony of B H Thomas in support of the claim of John Thomas Bell.  
JT_Bell_Homestead_4.jpg (68293 bytes) B H Thomas states that JT Bell bought the claim in August 1867 and brought his family there in October 1867.
JT_Bell_Homestead_5.jpg (56856 bytes) Applicant's Affidavit, signed on August 15th, 1870 by John Thomas Bell
JT_Bell_Homestead_6.jpg (32331 bytes) Receipt for the $200 JT Bell paid for his claim
JT_Bell_Homestead_7.jpg (34115 bytes) A second Receipt for the $200 JT Bell paid for his claim.  This original copy is in the Kansas City branch of the National Archives Records Administration.
JT_Bell_Homestead_8.jpg (32837 bytes) Back side of the receipt
JT_Bell_Homestead_signature.jpg (2341 bytes) Close up of John Thomas Bell actual signature
JT_Bell_deed_01.gif (155700 bytes) Deed Book G, Page 379, Neosho County Courthouse.  The US Deed for Osage Lands Certificate number 998, entered October 10, 1871.
JT_Bell_deed_02.gif (132959 bytes) Deed 107, Page 185, March 28, 1929:  Transfer of the farm from John T. Bell to his daughter Louise McAndrew for "one dollar and other considerations".
JT_Bell_deed_03.gif (133065 bytes) Deed 107, Page 398, November 6, 1929:  Transfer of the farm from Louise McAndrew back to J. T. Bell for "One dollar".

It is odd that JT Bell gave his daughter the farm in March and took it back in November.  He died about seven weeks later without a will.

JT_Bell_deed_04.gif (36513 bytes) Deed 118, Page 208:  September 30, 1941:  This is the beginning of a four page section transferring the farm from Louise McAndrew Volmer to Ray and Ethel Volmer Grillot
JT_Bell_deed_05.gif (81309 bytes) Page 209:  Apparently they had to track down all of the descendants of JT Bell to agree to sell the land.  These pages are interesting because they confirm where everyone was in 1941.
JT_Bell_deed_06.gif (87325 bytes) Page 210
JT_Bell_deed_07.gif (86664 bytes) Page 211
JT_Bell_deed_08.gif (56828 bytes) July 26, 1976:  Affidavit by Mary Bowles listing the heirs of JT Bell and attesting that all of their debts had been discharged.  It is not clear what prompted this affidavit since the farm had already been sold.
JT_Bell_deed_09.gif (23970 bytes) rest of the document
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