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1855_Cecilia_Worland_Jarboe_Obit.jpg (155707 bytes) March 5, 1855, Cecilia Agnes Worland Jarboe Obituary

Daughter of Barnaby Worland and Catherine Deering

Wife of John Thomas Jarboe III

Buried in the Jarboe Worland cemetery

1855_Worland_Jarboe_wed.jpg (148849 bytes) January 17, 1855 wedding record for Joseph M. Jarboe and Lewellen Worland.
1856_Emily_Combs_Obit.jpg (138026 bytes) January 29, 1856, Emily M. Combs

Daughter of James W Combs and Mary Teresa Worland

Buried in the St. Peters Cemetery

1860s_BJ_Gough_Obit.jpg (139753 bytes) March 22, 1856, Benedict Joseph Gough obituary

Buried in the St. Peters Cemetery


1861_JT_Bell_MA_Eddings_wed.gif (17988 bytes) February 8, 1861 marriage record for John Thomas Bell and Mary Alice Eddings
1864_06_27_Alice_Eddings_Bell_Obit.jpg (163987 bytes) June 27, 1864, Mary Alice Eddings Bell obituary

Buried in the St. Peters Cemetery

1865_12_12_Catherine_Deering_Worland.gif (88675 bytes) December 12, 1865, Catherine Deering Worland Obituary

Buried in the Jarboe Worland cemetery

1893_Mary_Worland_Combs_Bell_Obit.jpg (131773 bytes) January 9, 1893, Mary C Worland Combs Bell

Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Shelbina, MO

1901_07_01_Lewellen_Jarboe_obit.gif (53573 bytes)1901_07_01_Lewellen_Jarboe_obit1.gif (31538 bytes) July 1, 1901 Obituary for Lewellen Worland Jarboe
1902_05_Angie_Elliott_Kendrick_obit1.jpg (117900 bytes)1902_05_Angie_Elliott_Kendrick_obit2.jpg (131928 bytes) May 1902 Obituary for Angie Elliott Kendrick, first wife of Albert Jerome Kendrick.  Angie was the godmother of Bernadette Jarboe Kelly
1913_12_Joseph_M_Jarboe_obit.gif (73615 bytes) December 1913, Obituary for Joseph Martin Jarboe
1919_Buckman_Kelly_Wedding_article.gif (139308 bytes) November 15, 1919, Double wedding of Julius Buckman to Irene Saunders and Charles Kelly to Bernadette Jarboe
1922_Frances_Otis_Wedding_article.gif (84931 bytes) December 30, 1922, Wedding of Otis Buckman to Frances Jarboe
1930_Rosalie_Wedding_article.gif (111747 bytes) June, 1930 Wedding of Rosalie Jarboe to Lawrence Hjalmer Carlson in Monroe City, MO.
1934_07_Amanda_Jarboe.jpg (153329 bytes) July 1934, Amanda Jarboe Obituary
1937_10_13_Josephine_Jarboe_wed.gif (77268 bytes) October 13, 1937, Wedding article for Alice Josephine Jarboe and Clifford Robert Gander
1938_Lillian_Wedding_article.gif (63438 bytes) December 30, 1938, Wedding of Orville M. Hagan and Lillian M. Jarboe
1940_09_12_Albert_Kendrick_obit.gif (146868 bytes) September 12, 1940, Albert Kendrick obituary
1945_10_19_Dell_Jarboe_Obit.gif (137696 bytes) October 19, 1945 James Adelbert Jarboe Obituary
1947_02_Sid_Taylor_obit.jpg (63237 bytes) February 1947, Obituary for Sidney Taylor, husband of Sarah "Sally" Saunders
1947_Agnes_Jarboe_Reid_obit.gif (60024 bytes) May 16, 1947 Obituary for Agnes Jarboe Reid
1949_William_J_Beechwood_Obit.gif (273213 bytes) December 1949, William J Beechwood Obituary
1951_07_23_WR_Bell_Obit.gif (104843 bytes) July 1951, William R. Bell Obituary
1952_03_27_Gertrude_Jarboe_Obit.gif (87529 bytes)1952_03_27_Gertrude_Jarboe_Obit_2.gif (51880 bytes) March 1952, Gertrude Bell Jarboe Obituary
1956_05_Anna_Laura_Bell_obit.jpg (171439 bytes) May 1956, Anna Laura Bell Obituary
1956_10_31_Steve_Kendrick_Obit.gif (57911 bytes) October 1956, Stephen Albert Kendrick Obituary
1964_01_04_Agnes_Kendrick_Obit.gif (67774 bytes) January 1964, Agnes Bell Kendrick Obituary
1967_Rose_Bell_Bowles_obit.jpg (162229 bytes) July 1967, Rose May Bell Bowles Obituary
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