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 1906_04_02_John_R_Jarboe_Will1.gif (95327 bytes) 1906_04_02_John_R_Jarboe_Will2.gif (187873 bytes)Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Calvary, KY

May 4th, 1910
Marion County Courthouse, Lebanon, Kentucky
Will Book 2, Page 437

I John R. Jarboe, of Marion County, Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life do make and publish this my last will hereby revoking any will heretofore made by me, if any.

1st:  It is my will that all of my just debts, including my funeral expenses be paid by my Executrix as soon as practical after my death.

2nd:  I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Julia Ann Jarboe, all of my real estate to use and manage during her natural life.  The personal property owned by me at my death I give to her absolutely.

3rd:  I have given all of my children a horse, bridle and saddle excepting my three daughters Ann Eliza, Will Etta and Earthley Jarboe and it is my will that they each be given One Hundred and fifteen Dollars when they marry and in case they do not marry then I will that each be paid this amount out of my estate at the death of my wife.

4th:  At the will of my wife, I desire and so will that my Executrix hereafter named shall as soon as practical, after the death of my wife, sell convey and convert my real estate into money and out of the proceeds distribute Eleven Hundred Dollars equally between Ann Eliza Jarboe, Will Etta Jarboe, Martin Jarboe, and Earthley Jarboe, being my children by my present wife.  My reason for this is that I received Eleven Hundred Dollars from my present wife Julia Ann Jarboe and believe it should go to her children above named.

5th:  After the payment of the above devises, I will that the residue of the proceeds of my estate be equally divided between my children as follows; Ann Eliza Jarboe, Will Etta Jarboe, Martin Jarboe, Earthley Jarboe, Henry Jarboe's son Ben Jarboe, George M. Jarboe, Mary K. Mattingly, Arnold Jarboe, & J. R. Jarboe's children.

6th:  I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Julia Ann Jarboe my Executrix without bond to execute this my last will up to the time of her death, and at her death I hereby nominate and appoint C. S. Hill to complete the execution of this my last will by selling conveying and converting my real estate into money and distributing it as above directed.  Said Hill shall execute a good and sufficient bond for the faithful discharge of his duties.

Given under my hand this April 2nd 1906.

                                    John R. Jarboe


A. P. Carter.
Charles H. Jarboe 

At a County Court held in and for the County of Marion and State of Kentucky on the 2nd day of May 1910, the foregoing paper purporting to be the last will and testament of John R. Jarboe, deceased, was produced in open Court and proven by the oaths of A. P. Carter and Chas. H. Jarboe the two attesting witnesses thereto & same was ordered to record as the last will and testament of Jno. R. Jarboe, deceased.  Whereupon I have recorded it & this certificate.

Witness my hand, this 4th day of May 1910.

                                Sam J. Spalding, Clerk

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