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Agnes Bell and Albert Kendrick
4bell_sisters_5x7.jpg (111375 bytes) 1892

Three daughters and one daughter-in-law of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell: Front: Susan Agnes Bell,
Back, left to right: Gertrude Lee Bell, Rose May Bell, Ellen Frances (Nellie) Taymans future wife of Joseph Emory Bell
Picture was taken in 1892 when Gertrude Bell was 18 years old.
Nellie is wearing the brown poplin dress she wore as bridesmaid to another daughter of John Thomas Bell, Mary Alice, married in 1891.
Nellie and Emory were married June 13, 1894.

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Susan_Agnes_Bell_Closeup.jpg (19941 bytes) December 25, 1900  
Gertrude_John_Agnes.jpg (150677 bytes) 1924 Gertrude Bell Jarboe, John Thomas Bell, Agnes Bell Kendrick in St. Paul, Kansas.
Bell_women_1924_6x7.jpg (267192 bytes) 1924 Bell family reunion in St. Paul, Kansas.  Left to right:  Beatrice Bell Greenwell holding Mary Bell Greenwell.  Agnes Bell Kendrick, Mary Avice Bell (youngest of Emory and Nellie's), Vincent Bell's wife Wilma holding Rosalea, Gertrude McAndrew with mother Louise (Loutie) Bell McAndrew Volmer, Bernadette Bell in front of her grandmother Nellie Taymans Bell, Gertrude Bell Jarboe.
Agnes_Tom_Loutie_Gertrude_Alice_sitting.jpg (69204 bytes) Late 1920's Agnes Bell Kendrick, John Thomas Bell, Loutie Bell McAndrew and daughter Gertrude McAndrew, Alice Bell Morris.

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander 

Bowles_Kendrick_Jarboe_1930.jpg (84177 bytes) 1930 Three Bell daughters with their husbands:  Rose and Charles Bowles, Agnes and Albert Kendrick, Gertrude and Del Jarboe
Agnes_Rose_Gertrude_1930.jpg (91857 bytes) 1930 Sisters: Agnes Bell Kendrick, Rose Bell Bowles, Gertrude Bell Jarboe
Albert_Angie_Kendrick.jpg (84107 bytes) 1890's Albert Kendrick and wife Angie Elliott Kendrick.  Angie died young and Albert married Susan Agnes Bell in 1902.  He is buried between Angie and Agnes at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Shelbina, MO.  Angie was the godmother of Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.
Angie_Elliott_5x7.jpg (56275 bytes) Around 1895 Angeline Elliott Kendrick, first wife of Albert Kendrick.  Angie died in 1902 and Albert married Susan Agnes Bell in 1904.
Albert_Kendrick.jpg (63034 bytes) 1890's Albert Kendrick
1941_Steve_and_Harry_Kendrick.jpg (76798 bytes) 1941 Stephen and Harry Kendrick
Harry_Kendrick_12_1943.jpg (74538 bytes) 1943 Harry Kendrick with his airplane
Annie_Aggie_Gertie_1946.jpg (69438 bytes) September 1946 Anna Laura Bell, Agnes Bell Kendrick and Gertrude Bell Jarboe, in Monroe City, MO
1947_Aggie_Nora_Gertrude_Isabel.jpg (56368 bytes) 1947 Photograph taken in Seguin, Texas at the home of Lillian Jarboe Hagan.  Aggie Bell Kendrick, Nora Bell Cavanaugh and Gertrude Bell Jarboe standing.  Charlene Anderson and Isabel Kendrick Anderson in front.

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