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Agnes Jarboe Reid Album
1880s_Homer_Reid.jpg (118879 bytes) 1880s Joseph Homer Reid, August 1881 - February 1889.
1889_02_14_Homer_Reid_Obit.gif (7607 bytes) February 14, 1889 Obituary for Joseph Homer Reid, 7 year old son of Charles and Agnes Jarboe Reid.  He was their third child to die in a week from diphtheria.  Obituary is from the Kansas City Star
1889_02_Agnes_Dee_Reid_funeral.jpg (110549 bytes) February 1889 Agnes Dee Reid, August 1885 - February 1889.  This is a photo of her funeral.  She was one of the three children who died in a week of diphtheria.  The other child who died was Guy Reid 1883 - 1889.
Roland_Reid.jpg (84460 bytes) Around 1896 Roland Reid
loretta.jpg (272823 bytes) November 9, 1898 Loretta Reid, daughter of Agnes Jarboe Reid
1907_03_02_Loretta_Reid_Drescher_front.jpg (60781 bytes) March 1907 Postcard from Loretta Reid to her first cousin James Adelbert Jarboe.
1914_Roland_Vergie_Reid.jpg (50982 bytes) 1915 Roland Reid and Vergie Dixon
Roland_Reid_Spaulding_Springs.jpg (100589 bytes) 1920s Roland Reid drinking Spalding Springs mineral water

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander 

Gene_Ida_Del_Gertie_2couples.jpg (72117 bytes) 1920's ? Ida and Gene Jarboe, Gertrude and Del Jarboe.  Next couple appears to be Roland and Vergie Reid and last couple appears to be Loretta Reid and unknown man behind her.
1929_Warren_Lister.jpg (43372 bytes) 1929 Warren Lister about six months old.
Josephine_Jarboe_Warren_Lister_1929.jpg (78124 bytes) 1929 Baby Warren Lister with cousin Josephine Jarboe.  Warren was a grandson of Agnes Jarboe Reid.  Agnes was a sister of Josephine's father Dell Jarboe.
Loretta_Reid_Buckman.jpg (49732 bytes) About 1930 Loretta Reid Buckman in Kansas City
Dell_Agnes_6_16_1940.jpg (53657 bytes) June 16, 1940 James Adelbert Jarboe and his sister Agnes Jarboe Reid at Riverview Park, Hannibal, MO.

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander 

Warren_Lister.jpg (52592 bytes) 1944 Warren Lister, age 15.  Son of Pauline Buckman and Ted Lister.  Grandson of Mary Loretta Reid.  Great grandson of Agnes Cecilia Jarboe Reid.
Loretta_house_San_Benito_TX.jpg (41363 bytes) 1950 House of Loretta Reid Drescher in San Benito Texas
1955_05_5_Agnes_Jarboe_Reid.jpg (77450 bytes) May 5, 1955 Agnes Jarboe Reid in the spirea bed at James A. Jarboe's house.

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