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John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell
Bell_homestead.jpg (117383 bytes) around 1870 John Thomas Bell homestead near St. Paul, Kansas.  Anna Lou Jarboe was born in upstairs bedroom on the left, March 13, 1904.

The original photo is grainy and appears to have been taken with an old Kodak box camera.  There appears to be one man, four children and three young women scattered around in the yard and all are dressed up.

When the Bell family headed out to St. Paul in a covered wagon the young Willie Bell dropped silverware out the back of the wagon one by one so he could find his way back.   Thus, the Bell family arrived with no silverware.

Photo courtesy of Guy and Roch Buckman.

Louise_Saunders_painting.jpg (127204 bytes) Date unknown Painting of Maria Louise Saunders Bell, owned by Winifred Rapp Beechwood.  Winifred is the widow of George Beechwood, one of the sons of Mary Alice Bell Beechwood.  The painting has been in the family for a long time and there is no record of when it was painted or by whom.

Photo courtesy of Veronica (Niki) Beechwood Curry

4bell_sisters_5x7.jpg (111375 bytes) 1892

Three daughters and one daughter-in-law of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell: Front: Susan Agnes Bell,
Back, left to right: Gertrude Lee Bell, Rose May Bell, Ellen Frances (Nellie) Taymans future wife of Joseph Emory Bell
Picture was taken in 1892 when Gertrude Bell was 18 years old.
Nellie is wearing the brown poplin dress she wore as bridesmaid to another daughter of John Thomas Bell, Mary Alice, married in 1891.
Nellie and Emory were married June 13, 1894.

print_idea.gif (970 bytes)  This picture is in 5x7 format for printing.

Bell_homestead_Tom_Tommy.jpg (94298 bytes) About 1889 The homestead of John Thomas Bell with son Tommy Bell
bellsist.jpg (279969 bytes) Christmas Day, 1900 The daughters of John Thomas Bell and Maria Louise Saunders:  Right to Left, Back to Front:  Alice, Rose, Agnes, Gertrude, Nora, Loutie, Anna Laura.  Listed according to age with oldest in upper right and youngest in lower left.
Bell_wedding_med.JPG (89693 bytes) About 1910 John Thomas Bell and Maria Louise Saunders Bell.

Photo courtesy of Guy and Roch Buckman

Louise_Bell_sitting.jpg (421293 bytes) About 1910 Maria Louise Saunders Bell.
Maria_Louise_Saunders_Bell_picture.jpg (43575 bytes) About 1910 Picture of a portrait of Maria Louise Saunders Bell.
Saunders Bell St. paul ks.jpg (258454 bytes) Around 1912 John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell in front of their home in St. Paul, Kansas.

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander and Liz Gander

At_cousin_Will_Kendricks_c1925.jpg (67635 bytes) About 1925 At Minnie Mae Kendrick's:  John Baker, Glen Baker, Louise Bell McAndrew, Cousin Annie (Cecilia Ann Jarboe Kendrick), John Thomas Bell, Cousin William Burford Kendrick.  Annie was a daughter of John Thomas Jarboe III and Susannah Bell, John Thomas Bell's sister.
Earl_Kendrick.jpg (79930 bytes) About 1900 Earl Kendrick (1894 - 1979), son of William Burford and Cecilia Ann Jarboe Kendrick
Minnie_Mae_Kendrick_Baker.jpg (124571 bytes) About 1900 Minnie Mae Kendrick (1891 - 1978), daughter of William Burford and Cecilia Ann Jarboe Kendrick
Earl_Kendrick_horse.jpg (89063 bytes) About 1908 Earl Kendrick
Jennie_Bell_Saunders_kids1.jpg (79738 bytes) About 1900 Virginia Bell Jarboe Saunders children, probably Ruby and Ora Bell Saunders
Jennie_Bell_Saunders_kids2.jpg (78949 bytes) About 1900 Virginia Bell Jarboe Saunders children, probably Georgia Ann and Virginia Irene Saunders
Unknown_man.jpg (74191 bytes) Around 1900 Unknown man
Unknown_man_with_pipe.jpg (63380 bytes) Around 1900 Unknown man
Unknown_boy.jpg (69806 bytes) Around 1900 Unknown man
4genbell.JPG (87397 bytes) Around 1915 Four generations of Bell family.  Left to right:  William Robert Bell, his daughter Alice, her son Billy, and John Thomas Bell.  William Robert (Willie) Bell was the son of John Thomas Bell and Mary Alice Eddings.  Mary Alice died in childbirth along with their second child Robert.

Photo courtesy of Guy and Roch Buckman

John_Emory_Vincent_Bernadette.jpg (241942 bytes) Around 1920 Four generations:  John Thomas Bell, Joseph Emory Bell, Vincent Bell, daughter Bernadette Bell
Bell_house_1924.jpg (96487 bytes) 1924 Gertrude Bell Jarboe in front of her parent's house in St. Paul, Kansas.
Gertrude_John_Agnes.jpg (150677 bytes) 1924 Gertrude Bell Jarboe, John Thomas Bell, Agnes Bell Kendrick in St. Paul, Kansas.
Bell_women_1924_6x7.jpg (267192 bytes) 1924 Bell family reunion in St. Paul, Kansas.  Left to right:  Beatrice Bell Greenwell holding Mary Bell Greenwell.  Agnes Bell Kendrick, Mary Avice Bell (youngest of Emory and Nellie's), Vincent Bell's wife Wilma holding Rosalea, Gertrude McAndrew with mother Louise (Loutie) Bell McAndrew Volmer, Bernadette Bell in front of her grandmother Nellie Taymans Bell, Gertrude Bell Jarboe.
Agnes_Tom_Loutie_Gertrude_Alice_sitting.jpg (69204 bytes) Late 1920's Agnes Bell Kendrick, John Thomas Bell, Loutie Bell McAndrew and daughter Gertrude McAndrew, Alice Bell Morris.

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander 

Sid_Taylor.jpg (106737 bytes) 1945 90 year old Sid Taylor.  Sid was married to Sarah (Sallie) Saunders Taylor.  Sallie was a sister of Maria Louise Saunders Bell.  The 17 year old Gertrude Lee Bell was sent back to Monroe City, MO from St. Paul Kansas to live with Sid and Sallie Taylor in 1892.
Sally_Saunders_Taylor.jpg (93404 bytes) About 1915 Sallie Saunders Taylor
Ella_Saunders.jpg (85158 bytes) ? Ella Saunders and a patient.  Ella was a sister of Maria Louise Saunders.
Maude_Gertrude.jpg (94262 bytes) Around 1897 Maude Saunders (18) and Gertrude Lee Bell (almost 23).
Bell_farm.jpg (104011 bytes) 2000, 1950 These are two views of the John Thomas Bell farm.  The top one was taken in May 2000 by Alice Gander and the bottom was taken in September 1950 by Rose Bell Bowles.  Only the silo provides a point of reference and it does not appear that any of the original buildings exist in 2000.  Multiple floods have taken their toll on the original home.
Susan_Beavens_Gough.jpg (58888 bytes) 1864? Susan Beavin Gough McAtee (1793 - 1864).  The note on the back was written by Annie Hardy in 1963.  She was the grandmother of Maria Louise Saunders, through her daughter Susan Rebecca Gough.  Since Susan Beavin Gough McAtee died in 1864 it raises a question about this information.  The photo looks like it may have a later date but she died in 1864.  Could it really be a photo of her daughter Susan Rebecca Gough Saunders?  But maybe a very old photo was reprinted on the technology of the 1880's.
Tom_Bell_on_Farm_5x7.jpg (88567 bytes) About 1900 John Thomas Bell on the farm in Kansas.
Will_Molly_Bell_Smith.jpg (91832 bytes) ? Will and Molly Bell Smith.  Molly was a sister of John Thomas Bell.
Mollie_Bell_Smith.jpg (89882 bytes) ? Mollie Bell Smith

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