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Anna Laura Bell
Anna_Laura_Bell.jpg (200140 bytes) About 1900 Anna Laura Bell, youngest child of Tom and Louise Bell.  Anna Laura never married.  She was a teacher who lived most of her life in San Francisco, California.
Anna_Laura_Bell_1921.jpg (90490 bytes) 1921 Anna Laura Bell about 1921.  Probably taken at her brother Tom's house in California.
Laura_Nora_Tommy_1929.jpg (70077 bytes) 1929 Anna Laura Bell, Nora Bell Cavanaugh, Thomas L. Bell.  The three youngest children of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell.
Anna_Laura_Bell_1938.jpg (75395 bytes) 1938 Anna Laura Bell in San Francisco.
2929_Folsom_Street_San_Francisco.jpg (67235 bytes) 1940's Anna Laura Bell lived in the room on the right at 2929 Folsom St., San Francisco
Annie_Aggie_Gertie_1946.jpg (69438 bytes) September 1946 Anna Laura Bell, Agnes Bell Kendrick and Gertrude Bell Jarboe, in Monroe City, MO

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