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Joseph Emory Bell and Nellie Taymans
4bell_sisters_5x7.jpg (111375 bytes) 1892

Three daughters and one daughter-in-law of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell: Front: Susan Agnes Bell,
Back, left to right: Gertrude Lee Bell, Rose May Bell, Ellen Frances (Nellie) Taymans future wife of Joseph Emory Bell
Picture was taken in 1892 when Gertrude Bell was 18 years old.
Nellie is wearing the brown poplin dress she wore as bridesmaid to another daughter of John Thomas Bell, Mary Alice, married in 1891.
Nellie and Emory were married June 13, 1894.

print_idea.gif (970 bytes)  This picture is in 5x7 format for printing.

Emory_Gertie_carriage_4x6jpg.jpg (68576 bytes) 1899 Emory Bell with his son Vincent and Gertrude Bell Jarboe with daughter Lucille.  Lucille only lived 5 months from August 1899 to January 1900 when she died of pneumonia. This photo has been published before but a newer, clearer copy was found.  Click here to see an 8x10 version for printing.
John_Emory_Vincent_Bernadette.jpg (241942 bytes) Around 1920 Four generations:  John Thomas Bell, Joseph Emory Bell, Vincent Bell, daughter Bernadette Bell
Emory_Bell.jpg (75376 bytes) About 1900 Joseph Emory Bell (1866 - 1926), son of Tom and Louise Bell.
Beatrice_Bell.jpg (68237 bytes) ? Beatrice Bell Greenwell:  Second child of Joseph Emory and Nellie Taymans Bell.
Bell_women_1924_6x7.jpg (267192 bytes) 1924 Bell family reunion in St. Paul, Kansas.  Left to right:  Beatrice Bell Greenwell holding Mary Bell Greenwell.  Agnes Bell Kendrick, Mary Avice Bell (youngest of Emory and Nellie's), Vincent Bell's wife Wilma holding Rosalea, Gertrude McAndrew with mother Louise (Loutie) Bell McAndrew Volmer, Bernadette Bell in front of her grandmother Nellie Taymans Bell, Gertrude Bell Jarboe.
Beatrice_Bell_Greenwell.jpg (66552 bytes) About 1916 Beatrice Bell
Beatrice_Bell_school.jpg (62042 bytes) About 1916 Beatrice Bell with her students
Viola_Bernadette_Beatrice.jpg (88741 bytes) 1914 First cousins:  Viola Beechwood, Bernadette Jarboe, Beatrice Bell.  Viola's mother was Mary Alice Bell Beechwood, Bernadette's mother was Gertrude Lee Bell Jarboe and Beatrice's father was Joseph Emory Bell.
Bernadette_Beatrice.jpg (53289 bytes) 1914 Bernadette Jarboe and Beatrice Bell
Vincent_Bell_sons.jpg (67398 bytes) About 1918 Unsure which son of Emory Bell this is.  
Juanita_Yates_family.jpg (176380 bytes) Around 1966 Family photo of Juanita and George Yates from Juanita's book "Quiver My Lip!"
Quiver_my_lip.jpg (260619 bytes) 1990 Page from Juanita Yates' book "Quiver My Lip!" about the church in St. Paul, Kansas where John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell lived and their children were baptized and married.  Handwritten note on bottom is by Josephine Gander.  Juanita's grandfather Emory Bell was a brother to Josephine's mother Gertrude Bell.

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