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Eugene Jarboe and Ida Robey
Gene_Ida_Del_Gertie_2couples.jpg (72117 bytes) 1920's ? Ida and Gene Jarboe, Gertrude and Del Jarboe.  Next couple appears to be Roland and Vergie Reid and last couple appears to be Loretta Reid and unknown man behind her.
Ida_Gene_Jarboe.jpg (183169 bytes) ?? Ida and Gene Jarboe
Theresa_Jarboe.jpg (45699 bytes) ? Theresa Jarboe, daughter of Gene and Ida Robey Jarboe.
Rosalie_Joe_Robey.jpg (127929 bytes) 1920's Rosalie Jarboe and first cousin Joe Robey Jarboe on their way to the fair in Paris, Missouri.
Paris_fair.jpg (101837 bytes) Around 1923 Rosalie Jarboe, Joe Robey Jarboe and Bernadette Jarboe Kelly in Paris, MO, on the way to the Paris Fair.
Anaconda_MT.jpg (141116 bytes) Around 1924 Anaconda, Montana:  Joseph Robey Jarboe, Anna Lou Jarboe, Theresa Jarboe, Mary Frances Jarboe.
Joe_MaryFrancis_Theresa.jpg (133345 bytes) August 23, 1964 Ursuline Convent, St. Louis, MO.  The three children of Eugene and Ida Robey Jarboe:  Joe Robey, Mary Frances (Sr. Mary Francis), Theresa


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