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Nora Bell and Bernard F. Cavanaugh
Nora_Bell_closeup.jpg (22527 bytes) December 25, 1900 Nora Bell
John_Cavanaugh_family.jpg (257758 bytes) Around 1890 The John Cavanaugh family.
Laura_Nora_Tommy_1929.jpg (70077 bytes) 1929 Anna Laura Bell, Nora Bell Cavanaugh, Thomas L. Bell.  The three youngest children of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell.
1938_05_29_Bernard_Nora_LA.jpg (188643 bytes) May 29, 1938 Los Angeles, CA.  Near the Griffith Observatory door.
Cavanaughs_LA_1939.jpg (72027 bytes) 1939 Taken at 516 South Commonwealth, Los Angeles.  They rented this house until Bernard died in 1944
Bernard_Nora_Cavanaugh_Olympic_Blvd.jpg (174731 bytes) 1939 Bernard and Nora Cavanaugh on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.
Cavanaughs_Riverside_1939.jpg (63542 bytes) 1939 Bernard and Nora Cavanaugh at Riverside with old mission bell.
Cavanaughs_LA_1941.jpg (86401 bytes) August 16, 1941 Bernard and Nora Cavanaugh, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly_Cavanaugh_LA_1941.jpg (137092 bytes) August 16, 1941 Charles F. Kelly, Bernard Cavanaugh, Nora Cavanaugh, Bernadette Jarboe Kelly, Los Angeles, CA
1945_12_Nora_at_Liberal.jpg (189648 bytes) 1945 Nora Bell Cavanaugh visiting her sister Rose Bell Bowles at 16 S. Jordan, Liberal, KS.
1947_Aggie_Nora_Gertrude_Isabel.jpg (56368 bytes) 1947 Photograph taken in Seguin, Texas at the home of Lillian Jarboe Hagan.  Aggie Bell Kendrick, Nora Bell Cavanaugh and Gertrude Bell Jarboe standing.  Charlene Anderson and Isabel Kendrick Anderson in front.
2061_N_New_Hampshire_1950s.jpg (84569 bytes) 1951 2061 N. New Hampshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.  This home was bought by Nora Cavanaugh.  She lived here with her sister Agnes Bell Kendrick.
2061_New_Hampshire_1.jpg (62426 bytes) 2001 2061 N. New Hampshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.  The house has not changed much in 50 years.

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