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Rose May Bell and Charles James Bowles
4bell_sisters_5x7.jpg (111375 bytes) 1892

Three daughters and one daughter-in-law of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell: Front: Susan Agnes Bell,
Back, left to right: Gertrude Lee Bell, Rose May Bell, Ellen Frances (Nellie) Taymans future wife of Joseph Emory Bell
Picture was taken in 1892 when Gertrude Bell was 18 years old.
Nellie is wearing the brown poplin dress she wore as bridesmaid to another daughter of John Thomas Bell, Mary Alice, married in 1891.
Nellie and Emory were married June 13, 1894.

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Rose_May_Bell_Closeup.jpg (25811 bytes) December 25, 1900 Rose Bell
Mary_Louise_Bowles.jpg (103963 bytes) Around 1923 Mary Louise Bowles, daughter of Charles and Rose Bell Bowles
Leta_Bowles.jpg (94236 bytes) Around 1923 Leta Bowles, daughter of Charles and Rose Bell Bowles
Cecilia_Bowles.jpg (104702 bytes) Around 1923 Daughter of Charles and Rose Bell Bowles:  Cecilia Bowles
Bowles_Kendrick_Jarboe_1930.jpg (84177 bytes) 1930 Three Bell daughters with their husbands:  Rose and Charles Bowles, Agnes and Albert Kendrick, Gertrude and Del Jarboe
Agnes_Rose_Gertrude_1930.jpg (91857 bytes) 1930 Sisters: Agnes Bell Kendrick, Rose Bell Bowles, Gertrude Bell Jarboe
1945_12_Rose_at_Liberal.jpg (171434 bytes) 1945 Rose Bell Bowles at her home in Liberal Kansas
House_16_S_Jordan.jpg (71537 bytes) 1940's 16 South Jordan, Liberal, Kansas.  Home of Charles and Rose Bell Bowles
Bowles_home_9_1950.jpg (52018 bytes) September, 1950 The Timothy Bowles homestead near St. Paul, Kansas. 
Bowles_family_1957.jpg (54193 bytes) 1951 Charles Bowles, Joe Lane and Pat Burns, Rose Bell Bowles, Leta Bowles Burns

Photo courtesy of Josephine Gander 

CJ_Rose_Bowles_xmas_1951.jpg (65511 bytes) Christmas 1951 Tom Bowles, Cecilia "Peg" Bowles, Rose and Charles Bowles, Mary Louise Bowles.  Liberal Kansas
CJ_Rose_Bowles_1952.jpg (52892 bytes) September 30, 1952 Charles and Rose Bell Bowles in front of the home of Nora Bell Cavanaugh at 2061 N. New Hampshire Blvd, Los Angeles.  They were on their 50th Wedding Anniversary trip.
1952_09_Mary_Rose_Charles_Bowles.jpg (46310 bytes) September 30, 1952 Mary Bowles and Rose and Charles Bowles in front of the home of Nora Bell Cavanaugh at 2061 N. New Hampshire Blvd, Los Angeles. 
1952_11_09_Charles_Rose_Bowles.jpg (46507 bytes) November 1952 50th Wedding Anniversary of Charles and Rose Bowles
Rose_Bowles_97th.jpg (95571 bytes) 1967 Rose Bell Bowles 97th birthday
Anna_Lou_Rose_Bernadette_97th.jpg (61072 bytes) 1967 Anna Lou Jarboe, Rose Bell Bowles and Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.  

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