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Thomas Lefevre Bell and Mary Fisher
Bell_homestead_Tom_Tommy.jpg (94298 bytes) About 1889 The homestead of John Thomas Bell with son Tommy Bell
Tommy_Bell_8x10.jpg (335175 bytes) Perhaps 1900 Tommy Bell drying prunes in California.  Tommy was the youngest son of John Thomas and Maria Louise Bell.  He was born in 1879.  Some records of the Spanish-American War indicate that he was discharged from the Army in San Francisco due to a disability in November, 1898.  
Mary_Bell_&_sons_1920.jpg (101462 bytes) About 1920 Mary Fisher Bell with sons Lloyd and Emmett Bell
Tom_Bell_&_sons_1920.jpg (111472 bytes) About 1920 Thomas Lefevre Bell with sons Emmett and Lloyd Bell
Tom_Lloyd_Bell_c1921.jpg (76915 bytes) About 1921 Thomas Bell with son Lloyd.
Laura_Nora_Tommy_1929.jpg (70077 bytes) 1929 Anna Laura Bell, Nora Bell Cavanaugh, Thomas L. Bell.  The three youngest children of John Thomas and Maria Louise Saunders Bell.
Tommy_Bell_and_sons.jpg (75644 bytes) 1929 Lloyd and Emmett Bell with their father Thomas L. Bell

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