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Missouri Cemeteries
cemetery_1998.jpg (126159 bytes) Worland/Jarboe/Hamilton Cemetery, Lakenan, Missouri

Located on the old Worland/Jarboe home place, near Lakenan, Missouri.  Many descendants of Barnaby Worland, Joseph M. Jarboe

Mary_Pulliam_Bell_tombstone.jpg (49168 bytes) St. Peters Catholic Cemetery, Lakenan, Missouri

Located off the road not far from the Worland/Jarboe/Hamilton Cemetery.  Has many Bell, Saunders, Gough, Jarboe family members

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Shelbina, Missouri

James A. and Gertrude Bell Jarboe and their daughters, Gene and Ida Jarboe, Albert and Agnes Bell Kendrick, among others.

Andrew Chapel Cemetery, Warren, Missouri

Alfred and Ida Phelps Branch, Sam and Della Pendleton Branch, Denton and Fairy Branch Pendleton, Leo and Effie Maiden Branch, many others.

Warren Cemetery, Warren, Missouri

Edward Thomas Branch, wife Matilda Lilly Branch and her parents Hardy and Sarah Kestner Lilly, and his son Roy Branch.

St. Jude's Cemetery, Monroe City, Missouri

Gander families, Sandifer, Bell, Kelly

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