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What is a Prairie Queen?

This website is dedicated to the history, genealogy and research of the strong, yet feminine, women who settled the West.

This website grows from a central root and works back in time to trace the lives of their ancestors.

The goal is to completely research and define the lives of the core women.  In addition, the goal is to branch out from these women to fully understand their siblings, friends and environment.  Although genealogy research is part of it, the overall focus is much more on their history.

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Mandan, ND, 1906:  Four daughters of James A. Jarboe and Gertrude Lee Bell.  The Jarboe family homesteaded in Morton County.  Visit the North Dakota page for more.

You, or your female ancestor, might be a Prairie Queen if:
  • You had any of your children at home, alone, with no doctor or midwife, no medicine and no family member present.
  • You learned how to knit, sew, crochet, embroider, quilt, tat AND needlepoint all before the age of 12.
  • You make salad by taking a bowl and a knife to the pasture, selecting only the best dandelion greens and other edible weeds.
  • You make mincemeat for pie by starting with a whole hogs head.
  • You have cooked beaver, raccoon, possum, ground hog, squirrels or whatever else was brought home.
  • You have recipes for souse, hogshead cheese, egg butter and green tomato pie.
  • You make your own sauerkraut from scratch.
  • You make a poultice to put on your child's snakebite.
  • You have six or more children.
  • Your cellar is filled with canned vegetables from your garden.