North Dakota

Morton County

Sod_house.jpg (92128 bytes) About 1907 Sod house in North Dakota owned by Blanche Marquart and her sister Margaret.  Blanche was Bernadette Jarboe Kelly's school teacher at the Bender School near St. Anthony, North Dakota.
1906 Mandan, North Dakota.  Four daughters of James A Jarboe:  Anna Lou, Frances, Rosalie, Bernadette.
Jarboe_homestead_square.jpg (80043 bytes) 1907 The James Adelbert Jarboe homestead near St. Anthony, North Dakota, with the whole family in front.  Left to right:  Anna Lou, Del, Frances, Gertrude, Rosalie, Bernadette.

James Adelbert Jarboe Homestead papers and photos

James_Jarboe_Certificate_132213.gif (54108 bytes) Complete Homestead Papers of

James Adelbert Jarboe, Land Patent 132213, May 26, 1910

SE 1/4 of Section 20, Township 136N, Range 82W, 5th Principal Meridian

Source:  National Archives Records Administration

Memories and sketch of homestead written by Bernadette Jarboe Kelly
August 1957 trip to the James A. Jarboe homestead by Rosalie Jarboe Carlson and Bernadette Jarboe Kelly.

Blanche C. Marquart Homestead Papers

Complete Homestead Papers of

Blanche C. Marquart, Land Patent 187636, April 3, 1911, 43 pages plus 6 land patents for Blanche, Margaret and Miles Marquart.

SE 1/4 of Section 14, Township 136N, Range 80W, 5th Principal Meridian

Source:  National Archives Records Administration

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