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Virginia Cemeteries
Branch Cemetery, Mendota Road, Washington County, Virginia
Nunley Cemetery, Mendota Road, Washington County, Virginia
Phelps Cemetery, Hidden Valley Road, Washington County, Virginia

This cemetery is easily visible and accessible from Hidden Valley Road (Road 690) at the intersection with Highway 19.  This cemetery contains many of the descendants of Martin Phelps, a brother of John Phelps

Phelps Cemetery in woods off of Mercury Drive, Washington County, Virginia

This obscure cemetery, tucked away in some woods well back from any road is the final resting place of John Phelps, father of Ida Frances Phelps Branch.  To get to this cemetery, go past the Phelps cemetery listed above and turn right into a stone gated Mercury Drive.  Follow this gravel road until it turns into hardtop and on to the top of the hill where there is a double wide trailer and another house beyond at the dead end.  The cemetery is downhill and to the right of the double wide trailer, well hidden in some woods.

Mann Cemetery, Brumley Gap Road, Washington County, Virginia
Knollkreg Cemetery Knollkreg Memorial Cemetery, Abingdon, Virginia

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