Baca County Homestead

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News articles from the Neosho County Journal (Kansas) written in August, 1887, describing how the new land office had been opened in Lamar, Colorado.  Gives a glowing review of how wonderful the land in Southeast Colorado is, stating that “Never in the history of the wonderful West has there been such a rush of settlers and people into a new territory.”
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William R Phelps of Washington County, VA homesteads near Vilas  Click on this link to read a summary of the homestead claim of William R Phelps and get all of his official homestead papers.

The official homestead papers for William R. Phelps obtained from the National Archives.  The information necessary to order these documents was found on the Government Land Office Records, Bureau of Land Management website.


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A copy of the booklet prepared by the Colorado Board of Immigration in 1872.  This was downloaded from the Library of Congress Internet site in their collections of The Nineteenth Century in Print: Books.

1872:  Territorial Board of Immigration created with the objective to “present facts concerning Colorado as an attractive and desirable locality for those seeking homes in the Great West; to supply immigrants with full and authoritative information, as well as to aid and facilitate their journey hither”.

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