Nelson County Documents


John Baptist Jarboe Will

1796 Rodolph Jarboe Will
1798 Rodolph Jarboe Inventory
1800 Rodolph Jarboe Estate

Note:  John Baptist Jarboe and Rodolph Jarboe were brothers, sons of Henry Jarboe III

Marion County Cemeteries

Calvary Cemetery, Calvary, Kentucky

Many Jarboe and Abell stones.


St. Augustine Cemetery, Lebanon, Kentucky

Jarboe, Robey, Lanham and Hamilton stones.  The Jarboe stones are mostly for descendants of John Baptist Jarboe


Marion County Documents

1864_William_S_Jarboe_wed.gif (152110 bytes) November 26, 1864 Wedding of William Smith Jarboe age 71 and Fanny B. Bickel age 37.  W. S. Jarboe was a son of John Thomas Jarboe I and a brother of John Thomas Jarboe II
1867_12_03_James_W_Jarboe_wed1.gif (391230 bytes) 1867_12_03_James_W_Jarboe_wed2.gif (396861 bytes) December 3, 1867 Wedding of James W. Jarboe age 21 and Nancy Vaughn Abell age 31.  James W. Jarboe was a descendent of Peter Jarboe via John Reed Jarboe and William Aloysius Jarboe.
1868_Samuel_W_Jarboe_wed1.gif (89762 bytes)1868_Samuel_W_Jarboe_wed.gif (98357 bytes) January 28, 1868 Wedding of Samuel W. Jarboe and Mary Elizabeth Hill.  Samuel W. Jarboe was a son of John Thomas Jarboe II and a brother of Joseph M. Jarboe
John W. Jarboe Will   John W. Jarboe 1818 - 1892 was a son of Walter Jarboe, grandson of John Baptist Jarboe and great-grandson of Henry Jarboe III.  His will mentions his brothers Charles Jarboe, W. B. [William Byrne] Jarboe, sisters Jane Jarboe McAtee and Julina Jarboe McAtee.  Also his sister Betsy [Elizabeth] Jarboe.  He gives $500 to his niece Bettie Crouch.
Charles Jarboe Will   Charles Jarboe 1822 - 1904, was a brother of John W. Jarboe listed on the 1890 will above.  His will gives everything to his wife Alice Elder Jarboe and mentions his married daughter Nellie and his daughter Teresa Jarboe.
John Robert Jarboe Will   John Robert Jarboe 1827 - 1910 was a descendant of Peter Jarboe via John Reed Jarboe and William Aloysius Jarboe.  His first wife was Dorathy Ann Raley (1834 - 1868) and his second wife was Julia Ann Hayden (1847 - ?).  His will gives his daughters Ann Eliza, Will Etta, and Earthley Jarboe each $100.  He also specifies that Eleven hundred dollars be paid out of his estate to his four children by Julia Ann Hayden:  Will Etta Jarboe, Ann Eliza Jarboe, Martin Jarboe, and Earthely Jarboe because he got that much money from Julia Ann Hayden when he married her.  Then he wants the rest of his money divided among the four children from his second marriage named above as well as his other children:  Henry Jarboe's son Ben Jarboe, George M. Jarboe, Mary K. Mattingly, Arnold Jarboe, & J. R. Jarboe's children.

Washington County Documents

1796 1796 Cartwright Creek Mill suit  Benjamin Brown wanted to build a water grist mill on Cartwright's Creek and it would have flooded some of the land owned by Richard Beall.  A panel was assigned to assess the damages that would be caused and then the petition to build the mill was denied.  The panel members were:  Ephraim Payton, Robert Alvey, Benjamin Phillips, Samuel Robertson, Joseph Corvenhoven, John Phillips, Thomas Orsbern, Henry Boone, Basil Smith, Elisha McEtee, Henry Jarboe, and John P Blanford.
KY_Cartwrights_Station.jpg (86694 bytes) Historical marker for Cartwright's Station on Cartwright's Creek.  Between Lebanon and Springfield.
1825 John T Jarboe & Martina Thomas Wed
1826 James A Jarboe & Ann Thomas Wed
1851 John T Jarboe deed to Lloyd Clarkson
1857 John T Jarboe Sale Bill Lists the items sold and the buyer's name for all property of John Thomas Jarboe II, grandson of Rodolph Jarboe.
1858 John T Jarboe heirs Deed describing the transfer of land for his 10 heirs:  John T. Jarboe III, Joseph M. Jarboe, Susan D. Jarboe, Samuel W. Jarboe, Henry Jarboe, James Arnold Jarboe, Eliza Jarboe, Martha Jarboe, Julia Ann Jarboe Smith and Richard M. Jarboe.

Washington County Cemeteries

John_Thomas_stone.jpg (120372 bytes) St. Rose Cemetery, Springfield, Kentucky

John Thomas Jarboe and Dorothy Hill descendants.

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