Pulaski County, Virginia

Pulaski County Courthouse Records:

Document Date Topic
November 28, 1851 NT Branch and James P Curtis buy land from Silas Shelburn
June 18, 1853 Nelson Branch buys land from Joseph Newby
November 24, 1854 NT Branch buys from James and Lucinda Curtis
1858 - 1870 NT Branch Judgments
February 15, 1859 Nelson Branch buys from Joseph Newby
February 2, 1870 NT Branch puts property in trust with Joseph H Covey
December 28, 1876 Nelson Branch land is sold to HW Bishop
April 23, 1908 John Meredith letter for Confederate Pension
April 23, 1908 John Meredith testimonial letter by A. F. Akers
1860 VA Pulaski Co. Extract
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